About Us


Choosing a sofa involves more than just picking one based on its design or colour. It is what makes part of your house, turn into a beautiful home. With Isella Sofa Design, you’ll get just that, and the satisfaction of knowing that your comfort, style and preference; is very much what we have in our store.

Isella, Sitting Firmly in the Sofa Industry

Isella Sofa Design Sdn Bhd has been involved in the furniture industry for more than 20 years. Over these years we have grown to be a sizable player in this field, manufacturing our own designs in our 12,000 sq. meter factory and warehousing premises. We maintain strong business principals on making quality products and attending to the specific needs of our buyers.

This coupled with our knowledge of traditional craftsmanship, honed to perfection over the years and our modern equipment, enable us to make sofa sets and recliners of distinction. And each one, a hallmark of quality in itself. Design, craftsmanship, quality and service delivery are what the Isella story is built upon. 

As a company in the business for more than 20 years, and with heavy investments in production facilities, you can be assured that we take our business seriously and will always continue to provide our customers with the best sofa sets and recliner chairs for years to come.

Choose Isella, Choose Distinct Quality

The quality of craftsmanship and the uniqueness in design and finishing can be seen in the details of Isella products. As with any handmade product, there are many contributing factors to achieving the high standard of craftsmanship every Distinctive chesterfield is built to:

The starting point for any lounge is the frame. This is constructed with the one of the finest hardwoods, meranti, selected for strength and longevity. The frame components are hand formed, by skilled craftsmen, to give us the ready components. These components are then assembled by hand, using dowels, screws, glue and corner blocks for added strength. Also, all of our timber is kiln dried for the purpose of reducing the moisture content of the timber.

Each piece that’s created is meticulously developed and made to ensure a standard of integrity and refinement worthy of utter perfection.

Depending on the style of lounge being built, the first thing is to spring the frame. This is a painstaking process of applying individual coil springs or serpentine springs to the frame, prior to the seat foam and other foaming, so as to ensure a long lasting shape to the piece of furniture. Once this stage is completed, the foam is made to pattern to suit the item and is applied, panel by panel until the Chair has a finished shape.

Good foaming provides upholstered furniture with an added measure of “give” and bounce. This is especially true with high-resilience and high density foams. Quality pieces may have high-density foams resting on a bed of springs for an added dimension of comfort.

It is now time to upholster your lounge. Firstly, we select from our leather stores, fine grain hides in the required finish. Templates are then applied to these and the panels cut by the dedicated pattern maker and passed to our sewer to sewn it into shape and later passed it to the upholsterer, to be applied to the foamed lounge. Depending on the level of complexity of the model you have selected, this process can take up to 1 1/2 days to complete. 

Once we received confirmation, it only takes at least 3-4 weeks to complete the order.